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NYLINT Original Wheels [ SCALE: 1/18 ]

NYLINT Original Wheels [ SCALE: 1/18 ]

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Wheel Set
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These Original replacement NYLINT 1/18  Wheel Sets have been accurately measured to ensure proper fitment on your NYLINT GMC Cabover or Freightliner toy truck. These install/uninstall easier than original Nylint wheels on original axle or 3D Printed axles. These pieces are commonly missing or worn out, great option for a fresh replacement as NOS and replacement parts are difficult to come by.

All orders include axles. The wheels will also work with the original metal axles which are stronger and are recommended.

Wheel Set Options





x2 Face Wheels

x1 Axle

1 steer axle on a tractor unit

x2 Face Wheels

x2 Inner Wheels

x1 Axle

1 drive axle on a tractor or trailer unit


Tractor/Trailer/Full Unit Axle Sets

In order to accurately determine how many axles your truck needs, the following table provides a suggestion on what items to purchase/replace...

Axle Sets




x1 Steer Axle Set

x2 Drive Axle Sets 

All Wheels on 1/18 Nylint Tractor


x2 Drive Axle Sets

All Wheels on 1/18 Nylint Trailer

FULL UNIT SET (x5 Axles)

x1 Steer Axle Set

x4 Drive Axle Sets

All Wheels on 1/18 Nylint Unit

About the product

I've designed and 3D printed the product using PLA filament on an FDM printer. Colour options are sanded, primed, and painted. All products are Etch primed and airbrushed with Mr. Hobby Colored Acrylics or AK Extreme Chrome.

For DIY folks, an unfinished, straight from the printer option is available. Unfinished color options have supports removed and are not sanded. This means you will see the layer lines expected from 3D printed items.

Shipping and processing

In Canada, orders take 3-9 business days. In the United States, it takes about a week for you to get your order once I ship it.

Since all my products are handmade, it takes up to two weeks for me to create your order before I can ship it to you.

No returns or exchanges

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products, I don't accept returns or exchanges.

If there are any issues with the product you receive, please contact me. Damages in shipping, and from packaging materials may occur and I will do everything I can to make things right!

I am not an expert/certified painter, I do my best and take my time with every piece. If you receive something not suited to your standards/expectations, please inquire and I would gladly consider a replacement under the circumstances.

Safety Notice

These products are not designed for children. Please supervise play.

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